website updates van 9 juni 2011

Logo geocaching.comAfgelopen week zijn er weer updates uitgevoerd op de website van Er is met name veel gewijzigd aan de Geocaching Maps Beta, helaas nog steeds niet beschikbaar voor de iPad. Zie hieronder voor een compleet overzicht van de wijzigingen in Geocaching Maps Beta, zoals aangegeven door Groundspeak zelf.

What’s new on Geocaching Maps Beta

  • Premium Members may now create Pocket Queries from the current map view, based on the current map location and filter options such as hiding your finds and specific cache types. In addition, when viewing a Pocket Query you will find a new list on the right displaying the cache names of all the caches in the PQ. Clicking a name will center the map on that cache.

Geocaching Maps Beta create Pocket Query

  • A Trackable owner may now set collectible preference during Trackable activation
  • Added the number of logs in the last 30 days to the home page
  • Added “Tell a Friend” link to the Resources site navigation dropdown

Bug Fixes

  • Restored user cellpadding and cellspacing on cache details user supplied content
  • Profile pages updated to preserve layout of GSAK statistics
  • Fixed server error when clicking the “Send updates to Twitter” link
  • Removed cache size option when reporting a new event cache
  • Fixed sort order bug with saved routes in Caches Along a Route feature
  • Fixed bug causing a recently uploaded route to not immediately appear in the list of saved routes
  • Fixed a route encoding issue which caused some routes to be displayed improperly on Google Maps
  • Including an ampersand in a Trackable description URL or name is no longer converted to “&”
  • Removed redundant “change” link on profile page under Your GPS section
  • Fixed bug where Maps Beta would sometimes be out of sync with the filter options in the UI
  • Attempting to designate a Trackable log photo as that Trackable’s default photo no longer causes an error
  • Fixed bug where Trackable action would be duplicated when editing a cache log that previously performed an action
  • Made statistics Milestones editing a permanent feature, not just something displayed when Milestones are public
  • Fixed bug where Milestones overrides were deleted when toggled public/private
  • Original maps now properly continue hiding finds when panned
  • Removed “add to collection” menu item for Trackables owned by you but not currently in your inventory
  • Fixed Firefox 4 bug which caused the right border of a log type dropdown menu to not display
  • The “Last Found” column when viewing a user’s found caches will now correctly display the date that user found the cache
  • Fixed forum issue which caused some Premium Members to be removed from the Premium Member “group”
  • Fixed bug with Trackable item “Move to Last Location” tool when last log was a visit
  • Fixed bug which prevented purchasing a Gift Membership for a user with extended characters in their username
  • Entering multiple question marks in a Personal Cache Note no longer causes a javascript error
  • Fixed sort order bug when viewing caches found by a user; most recently found cache is displayed at the top
  • When logged in, the home page search field containing your home coordinates will now be auto-selected when clicked
  • Fixed Maps Beta bug where viewing a location at close zoom in satellite view would cause cache icons to disappear
  • Swapped out static map on cache pages with MapQuest map

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