Nieuwe versie GSAK 7.7.4 Beta 25

Geocaching Swiss Army KnifeEr is een nieuwe (beta) versie van de Geocaching Swiss Army Knife software beschikbaar via het GSAK.NET forum.

Wijzigingen volgens het forum:

1. Completion of state/county support for African countries (thanks to TechnoNut for the poygon files)
2. Fixed a display problem with attribute tab on filter dialog (more info)
3. Fixed an issue with using a custom URL button

1 – Many of the previous state/county names also had a number suffix. These numbers have now been removed in build 25

Download here

Build 25 Note: You must have installed 7.7.3 Build 53 (available at at least once before installing this update.

via GSAK -> 7.7.4 updates.


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